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So what exactly is Agency Fasttrack?
Agency Fasttrack starts with a 2 day live launch and then goes into a 16 week online training programme that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to start your own digital agency no matter your starting point
 - What people are saying about Agency Fasttrack -
Megan Grobler
"No more working eight hours a day for someone else! I now have more time to spend with my family"
Lily Hattingh
"I feel so empowered to not only change my business but to also make an impact on my clients businesses"
Hannes Scheepers
"Niel and his team have given us tremendous support throughout this course it's unreal"
Agency Fasttrack Course Breakdown:
Explode your digital marketing knowledge with these 16 powerful modules!
Week One
  • Business model 
  •  Choosing a niche
Week Two
Forming Your Agency
  • Company registration
  • Agency branding 
  • Agency website
  • Agency social media  
Week Three
Agency Funnels
  • How funnels work
  •  Agency funnel set-up
Week Four
Client Funnels
     Setting up the right funnel for your niche    
Week Five
Agency Launch 1
  • How to find and qualify clients
  •  Setting up agency campaign
Week Six
Agency Launch 2
     Converting leads into clients  
Week Seven
Client Onboarding
  • Getting what you need from your client
  •  Learning about your client
Week Eight
Campaign Preparation
  • Setting up the creative for the campaign
  • Allocating a budget
Week Nine
  • Running a campaign 
Week Ten
Campaign Review
  • Evaluating the campaign
  • Reporting on the campaign 
Week Eleven
  • Thinking about teams
  •  How to build and manage a team
Week Twelve
Multi-Stream Marketing
  • How to expand what you offer
Week Thirteen
Google Part 1
  • Intro to Google AdWords
Week Fourteen
Google Part 2
  • Setting up your Google campaign
Week Fifteen
  • Understanding Instagram
  •  Understanding Youtube
Week Sixteen
  • Understanding Linkedin
  •  Understanding Twitter
Meet Niel Malan, Agency Fasttrack Founder
Niel is South Africa's leading expert on Social Media Marketing. He has been running highly profitable campaigns on Facebook since 2014 and has mastered the art of Online Marketing! 

He is a practical, down to earth entrepreneur that has a real passion for helping small business owners in South Africa.